Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Cheese Scene

Not much to blog about these days.  Since my typical day pretty much consists of going to work, going to workout, checking on Charlsie, and a little reality TV.


If you’re an “Amazing Race” fan, you probably got a belly laugh over what I like to call “the cheese scene”.  I haven’t laughed so hard since "Charla" stuck the butter knife down her throat to be able to eat more sausage (I gotta warn you – this is not for those with weak stomachs).  I was impressed with Steve and Linda's cheese-moving strategy, but they lacked the ability to find Phil at the Pit Stop and nearly faced elimination.  As for week one, I really liked Margie and Luke.  Of course, a momma and her boy competing together tugs at my heart strings.  Luke is also deaf, which will add a whole new dimension to the competition.  You can read Phil’s blog about Episode 1 here.


“24” was full of action and twists and turns – which is pretty much WHY I live for “24” in the first place. Well, that and to watch Jack save the world.


My favorite moment of the night was when Chloe showed up to work at FBI Headquarters and defended Jack to the head of FBI.  She’s my kinda girl! 

Aaron Pierce

And, my beloved Secret Service man, Aaron Pierce, was back!!

Biggest Loser Couples

“Biggest Loser” continues with some impressive weight loss totals.  I enjoyed the no-gym workouts, proving you can improvise if needed.  (I prefer my climate controlled gym, though.)  I’d love to be at “the Ranch” for the atmosphere itself.  Someone to work my guts out.  A food environment that is safe.  And having others around to keep me motivated.

But, since I’m not on “the Ranch”… I stay motivated by doing a lot of reading and research.  Talking to people who are fit is also motivating to me as well as seeing pictures of people who are buff!  (I posted a few on my fitness blog tonight)

What motivates you to stay on the health and fitness path?


Kayla said...

I was wondering what the heck that title meant!! HAHA.

I try not to even keep up with any shows. Mine are all too girly for Kale to join in on the fun! hehe.

I put up pictures of women with amazing bodies on my mirrors in my apartment to keep me motivated! OMG my caboose is SOOOO sore from yesterday. I'm VERY proud of that workout!

Kelley said...

What motivates me to stay healthy and try to get fit is my family genes are not good. Diabetes on both sides. Heart disease, cancer, and Dementia. Everone in my family except for my mom battles weight issues. I do too, except I am serious about it now. I just don't want to have my little one have to take care of me. I can see how my quality of life could be later on if I didn't do anything about it. I started a fitness plan in August and didn't really lose any weight until I changed how I ate. I have lost 21 pounds since Dec. 1. I feel great. I still have more to go, but since I have felt success, I want to keep going.

Lauren Kelly said...

I would say you love your reality TV, haha :o)

Susie said...

Girl we saw the Amazing Race the other night too and that cheese scene was hysterical!

As far as what motivates me to keep exercising? Food!!! I love it and eat too much junk. I have to exercise to keep it from "bunching up" on my body.

Kyla said...

The size of my jeans should be motivation enough for me, but unfortunately... it's not.

And we defintely share the same love of reality tv! ha!

Heather said...

WE LOVE the Amazing Race and my husand was CRYING he was laughing so hard at the cheese!!! That was hilarious! I cried when the deaf man got to the mat and Phil signed to totally got me. I really like that team...and some others, too.
The BL is so, so good and I, too, would like to be at the ranch for a little while. I was just saying this week that (surprisingly) there are not any teams on there that I want to go home...I like everyone. This was NOT the case last season. (VICKI!!!)
I loved this post!!! You and I could have some fun watching shows together!

Becky said...

I'm watching the Amazing Race for the first time this season, I love the Bachelor and I used to like Survivor but hadn't watched it for the last few seasons.

I have always been motivated to exercise and like my sister... I LOVE TO EAT!!!

The Garners said...

I was glad to see Aaron Pierce back, too! When Buchanan said he thought he had someone trustworthy he could send, I told Lane we could expect an old favorite to reappear! I love that show, but last week they even stepped it up a notch--I can't wait for next week.

Biggest Loser is so good, too. I loved the outdoor workouts, and laughed at what Jillian said about "I'm always annoyed, but having to work out outdoors is just going to make me more annoyed". I so wish I could train with Bob for a while after I have Crosby. I'd try to work harder than Joelle though--I couldn't believe how MAD Bob got at her that night on the treadmill! It seems like they have lots of truly nice people this season. Last season not so much--with VICKIE! I want them all to do well this season, especially the brown team. I was proud of the Brown Team Dad (can't think of his name?) this week.

Kelley said...

At my school, we started this program called Walk Across America. It was decided that we would break off into groups and walk to Seatle. Not literally, but accumulate enough miles to walk there. We turn in weekly totals of our miles. My team made it this week. I hadn't exercized much since my daughter was born and I thought that if I were a part of a group trying to meet a goal, I wouldn't let them down. So From August to December I walked my tail off and didn't lose a pound. One day I was talking to someone who works with me in the library. I just said that I wish we had a keep up with food challenge so that I would have to be accountable to someone. She said you can be accountable to me I am registered dietician. So I keep a food log of everything that I eat. I have stopped eating sweets, everday and choose to eat them on the weekends. I am on 1500 cal., but usually I am around 1200. I feel like I have control again. She checks my log daily and coaches me. I realized that how I am eating is the way I am supposed to eat. I don't treat it like a diet. Now that I have energy, I work out twice a day. Not just walking, but lifting weights.

Kelley said...

Hey Jacquie,

The dietician doesn't think 1200 cals is too low for me. Now some days I have 850 and she didn't like that at all. Anywhere between 1200-1500 is where she wants me to stay. It was hard at first because I didn't have control. I couldn't stop with a few chips. I couldn't have just one cookie. So I quit that cold turkey until I felt like I could have a serving. She hasn't really put me on a plan. I have just tried to watch my portions. It wasn't fun at first, but I have gotten used to it. Being in a smaller size feels better than eating peanut butter pie. I'm not following a strict plan, but if anything it is more of a diabetic diet. I needed to eat more fruits and veggies, because I wasn't doing that. I don't do a lot of cardio either, just walking. I'm not following a plan. If you have any suggestions about a plan to follow, I would love to hear it. Having my friend coach me about food choices and that it isn't a diet this is for life has helped to change my attitude. I have lost 51 poound in 3 years. I gained that with my little one. I lost the first 25 after she was born. The rest has taken a long time because I wasn't motivated. I didn't give anytime in the day for me. I felt guilty after working all day and she was in daycare to go to the gym after work. So now I just get up early and walk on the treadmill at home. It helps that my husband is doing this with me.

Kelley said...

I used to teach with a guy from Flippin. His name is Lawrence Jefferson. I think his parents still live there. Do you know him?

Rose Mary said...

I haven't been watching The Amazing Race this year. I'm not watching as much TV as I did a few years ago.

I haven't been as motivated to stay healthy as I should~but I am walking more than I used to!

The Garners said...

Just got around to watching Amazing Race last night--the cheese scene WAS hilarious!