Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Great Day

Today has been such a great day! We had a wonderful time of worship this morning and we finished the day with a Thanksgiving fellowship and the most food you’ve ever seen!!

I spent a couple of hours visiting (my neighbor) Ms. Charlsie.  She is always so much fun to spend time with.  Her mind is still so sharp at (almost) 90 years old.

We talk about so many different things: the gas prices (and she hasn’t driven since like 1982), the few TV programs she’s found that she enjoys, the economy, our faith, her blood pressure and it’s ability to drive up all the sudden, things that have been in the local paper, and  her plans for Thanksgiving with very little family left. 

I had talked her in to letting a couple of us give her a 90th birthday party.  She was insistent at first that we do nothing, but when I convinced her that it would just be a drop in reception for a few of her friends – no fuss, no presents – she agreed.  But, since then, her blood pressure has been acting up.  I don’t know if she’s been worrying about it or if something else is going on, but when I called her yesterday morning she told me (adamantly) that she wanted to cancel the party because she thinks it might just be too much for her.  So, the party is canceled, but I’m hoping people will make an effort to stop and wish her a Happy 90th in the days surrounding her birthday.

I love that woman … and this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that she is my neighbor and I’m still able to spend Sunday afternoons with her.  There were moments we weren’t sure she’d still be with us.

Kale and Kayla will be spending Thanksgiving with her folks this year.  This will be my first Thanksgiving without him.  It’ll be strange without him, but I guess that’s part of the deal when you let your children grow up.  I’m so excited that they’ll both be here for Christmas – I’m already planning what’ll be going in Kayla’s stocking!!

On the fitness front… I got my new Kettlebells.  A 15 and 25 pounder. I think they’ll be lots of fun and quite a challenge.  I’m studying up on all the stuff you can do with them.  I’ll be incorporating them in my workouts this week.

I ate to a “T” this week and the scale was unkind.  My weight didn’t budge.  (This is where the frustration comes in.)  But, I’ll keep my head in the game.  It’ll be a challenge this week with Thanksgiving in the mix.

I’m looking forward to a busy, short week at work… but first … I’ve got to watch my recorded episode of “24”!!!! I’m off to see what Jack’s up to these days.


Susie said...

Sounds like you had a great day! How sweet that you have a special relationship with you sweet little neighbor. Boy the stories she could tell. I hope her blood pressure levels off and she is okay.

I'll be interested to hear how those kettle balls work out.

The Garners said...

We've recorded "24", too, but I think we're going to wait until tomorrow night to watch it--it's 9:30 and I'm sleepy!

That's exciting (but sad for you!) that Kale is going to visit Kayla's family for's sounding serious!?!

Kim Heinecke said...

Had to DVR Jack Bauer. Going to watch it on Monday...can't wait!

90 years? wow.

Becky said...

Please tell Ms. Charlsie Happy Birthday for me. I just love hearing that you and Dave are always checking on her.

I know exactly how you feel about our kiddos not always being home for the holidays. But you're right it's just a part of growing up. Sounds like Kayla is a sweet girl and I can tell you are crazy about her.

Can't wait to hear about the kettleball workout. Take it easy so you don't have to call in sore at your job!!! LOL!!!

My computer is on the blink so I've borrowed my niece's for the evening. Hope to get mine fixed this week!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

His Doorkeeper said...

Yesterday was a great day, wasn't it? The food and fellowship and the Lord's Supper last night just put the cherry on top of the icing!

We had to put Jack on the back burner...maybe we'll watch tonight....or tomorrow night....SOON!

Susie said...

Jacquie congratulations you are my giveaway winner. I will contact you by your e-mail for your address.

Dorothy said...

I enjoyed reading some of your blog. I'll visit again later.... Getting things done ahead of time for Thanksgiving Day. (I was secretary at our church for four years, 2003 to 2007, before my prince charming came and took me away).