Thursday, June 10, 2010

039 – Visits To and From Friends


Jodi and I went to Kay’s for our hair appointment today.  We always have the best time. I think I’ve told you before that Kay has done my hair (off and on, but mostly on) since I was in about the 9th grade… she’s cut Jodi’s since about the 7th, I think. Her husband, Rick, was our high school basketball coach.  Another thing I just love is that Rick’s grandpa was Ms. Charlsie’s basketball coach back in the early 1930’s.


(Y’all have seen this photo before.  Charlsie is in the back row, first one on the right. Rick’s grandpa is in the back row, third from right.  My doppelganger is in the front row… third from right.)

Jacquie 11th grade 1980-81

(See? This is my junior year class photo. Just lovely.)

Rick and Kay have remained truly good friends all through these years.  Rick has an especially good time getting me riled up about some topic every time we’re there (politics, school board issues, etc.).

Before we left, I had a lady who was there for her appointment take our picture.  Rick and Kay were sitting in the rocker and we were crouching down to get in the pic.  We got so tickled just trying to get the shot. (And I apologize, I seriously don’t have a stitch of makeup on!!)

Oh, and this afternoon, when I got back from getting my Subway… Miss Harper Brown Stamps was at the church for a visit!!! That thrilled me to no end… and oh, she makes me want to have grandbabies someday SOON! (No pressure, Kale and Kayla!) It was good to see you too, Kelly!!!


Becky said...

Sure wish I looked as good as you without my makeup!!! I was hoping you were going to have a picture of you and sweet Harper together!!!

Kelley said...

I am super scary without makeup. I am with Becky that I wish I looked as good as you without it. I bet it was great seeing Harper. She is a doll and that smile just lights up a room. At least through blog pictures it looks like it would.

Lauren Kelly said...

And for the record, for having no make-up on, you look GREAT!!!!!!! :)

Heather said...

You look amazing without make-up!!! Wish I could be like that!! So fun that you got to see Kelly and Harper!

Kelly said...

I wish I would have gotten a picture of you and Harper. She moves too fast. ha! It was good to see you!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I want your hair. Seriously. Give it to me. Please. :) blessings, marlene