Friday, June 18, 2010

047 – A Great Way to Relax at the End of a Wild Week


Jodi and I went to get pedicures after work today. It was a great way to end the work week!! If no one else had been in there, I think that massaging chair would’ve put me right to sleep!

061810 Pedis with JoJo

AND my new mattress set and bed came for the spare bedroom today. I need to do a few more things and the room should be ready for Kale and Kayla when they come in a little over a week!! I don’t even have words to express how ready I am to see them in “real life”.

After he assembled my bed, we headed to Ms. Charlsie’s to deliver her new recliner. This is a HORRIBLE photo, and you certainly can’t tell from the picture, but I don’t think she could’ve been any happier with it. She said she “may send me to do a little more shopping for her in the future.”

061810 Charlsies new recliner

This morning at work I got a phone call from “Life Line”. It’s the medical alert system that Charlsie uses. They informed me that she had activated her button and they couldn’t reach her by phone, so they asked me to go to her house to check on her. I told them I would, but I was pretty certain that she was going to be found in her garden. Sure enough, when I pulled in her driveway she and "Sweetie" came up from the garden.

(I don't think she realizes I'm recording her... I AM holding the camera up, but she never says anything about me recording. I know I don't have long left with her and I really want to remember her and how fun she is.)


Kelley said...

I bet she was thrilled with her chair. Pedicures are a real treat!

Kayla said...

Oh man I want a pedi now!! haha

I can't wait to see you guys and be in the love room! :)

and seriously, those pictures and videos of charlsie make me SOO SOO happy!! i can't wait to give her a big ole hug!! i am praying that she's still here to see our first child. that would mean the WORLD to me!!!

Heather said...

Todd got me a gift certificate for a pedicure for Mother's Day and I am sooooo ready to use it! Hope you have a great weekend!