Sunday, June 27, 2010

056 – He Has a Little Goulet Blood in Him

062710 (1) 062710 (2) 062710 (3)

Tyler came over today and replaced a couple of bi-fold closet doors with slab doors for me.  Not an easy task, since this house has settled and nothing is square.  He likes to remind me that he is pretty “handy”… and I like to remind him that he got it from his Grandpa Goulet.

He did a great job!! Thanks, Tyler.


Susie said...

How nice that he likes doing handy work. It's always nice to have an extra hand.

christina said...

I found your blog from Kelly Stamps blog- I just have to say hello because my son's name is Cale and I think it's such a rare name. Maybe more common in the South.

Kelley said...

It is nice to have someone in the family who is handy. I have some nephews in my family who can do tasks like that. I know you are getting so excited about your guests!