Tuesday, June 29, 2010

058 – In My Happy Place


It was a great start to my day waking up with these two in the house.  Dave fixed us all eggs, bacon and biscuits (breakfast is his specialty) and then Kayla and I went to Branson for the day while the guys had a “man day” (Tyler met them for supper).

I wish Houston wasn’t 10 hours away because I could sure get used to having my chicks in the nest more often.


petrii said...

Yep having the chicks in the nest is a beautiful thing!!

That is such a sweet pic of K & K.

Have a Blessed week,

PS I was just thinking yesterday that we need to meet up one day when you're gonna be in Branson ~~ I love to meet ya face-to-face =)

Susie said...

Sweet pic! I'm glad you are enjoying your visit.

Lauren Kelly said...

Aw, so sweet!!!

Kelley said...

That is fantastic that they are here! I know you girls had fun in Branson.

Dorothy said...

Mom's sure like to have their children at home!

Kayla said...

i LOVE being here with yall!!!