Friday, June 25, 2010

054 – Be Still My Heart

Here are a few things that made my heart go pitter-patter today:

062510 Visit to the NCA Humane Society

Tyler and I went to the Humane Society and I fell in love with this pair.  They were 10 years old and were from a family that was moving.  They were so sweet and it just broke my heart that someone would give up their family pets… just look at this little girl’s face…

062510 Visit to the NCA Humane Society (3)062510 Visit to the NCA Humane Society (2)

Tyler liked this little big guy:

062510 Visit to the NCA Humane Society (1)

For supper, I went to eat with these fellers…

062510 (7) Supper at Cadron Creek

As you can see, Tyler is rarely serious for a photo.

062510 (8) Supper at Cadron Creek

And last but not least, I was SO excited to see this sight today!!! Be still my heart!! 062510 TJM is coming


Dorothy said...

Wow! Pets, Family and TJMAXX! No wonder your heart goes pitter-patter!!!

His Doorkeeper said...

Jacquie, Wonder if they would let you and me come over and help them work on the TJMX store so they will open sooner????? LOL

Cute pic of your BOYS!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Did you not take those babies home with you? blessings, marlene

Kelley said...

Those are great pictures! I know you are getting so excited about Kale and Kayla's visit. They will be here before you know it.

Becky said...

Where is this TJ Maxx? Or, are you keeping it your on dirty little secret???? LOL

Bet you are getting excited about seeing K&K!!! Y'all have fun together!!!!!

Chris said...

Ahhh, did you get another pet? The lil ones were so cute, I know it must have been hard to give up your family pets, a hard decision to make.

And about the guys? Well 'guys' say it all! LOL

Heather said...

YAY for the TJ's!!! Love that you had a fun dinner with your boys! Those puppy faces are so sweet!!!

Kimberley said...

Love me some TJ Maxx :)