Saturday, June 26, 2010

055 – Saturday Randomness

I spent the day at home today.  I have been so on-the-go in the past month or so that it was great just to be home for a while! I got caught up on laundry, rearranged my bedroom, got a load of stuff together for the Salvation Army, and threw away a TON of stuff!!!

When David got home we went to supper at Chili's.  The last time I was there, Jodi and I got the new fire-grilled corn guacamole.  It was so good!! Tonight I had David try it and it was SO hot I could hardly eat it.  There were LOTS of jalapenos in it!! But, I did feel a little like Laurie (with her salsa), except I go wild over the chips!!

After getting groceries, we happened upon this rainbow.  I hope it’s a promise of more rain.  We sure do need it.


There was a fireworks show at the local college tonight and the cars were lined up all along the highway.  Some of them were there three hours early to get a spot.

062610 (3) 

Kale and Kayla made it safely to Kayla’s folks this afternoon.  They’re in Arkansas, now I just have to wait a couple more days to see them!


Kelley said...

Love the rainbow picture! We sure do need the rain. Glad you got to spend time at home. It is really nice to get to do that.

Chris said...

Love the rainbow, I got a picture of one like this from my home. I love the rainbows, it reminds me that God keeps His promise and I have to do the same!

How was the firework show?

Real Simple said...

Hey there from "Real Simple" in Florida. We need rain too. But last night we got some and a "double rainbow". Every time I see a rainbow I think "God promises" When we found my daughters apt. a rainbow appeared over it as we left...God promises! Love them. Need to blog about them. You have had some rough times. But God is with you. So glad you get to see your family soon. What a blessing. Hey I know you know "kelly korner" I posted a comment (have not before) but PLEASE encourage her, her last post was so "real".
We are all treasured gifts from God! So have a great Sunday. Off to ride my bike (we do church on Sat.) Got my youngest daughter all signed up for college friday. If i weren't on WW i would have had a DOZEN cookies. she is going to be over an hour away! (i know that is not far!!!) but for me she is not in the room next to the kitchen! blessings!!!!! sorry my comments are long!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love rainbows!!!! :)