Friday, September 3, 2010

124 – Houston Day 1 - Kale’s Office and Moving

We got to Houston about 1:30 today.  (I had a little meltdown on takeoff after being nauseated just walking down the aisle of the plane, but the flight was, in general, okay. I survived at least.)  Kale picked us up from the airport and took us by his office so I could see where he works.  I LOVED getting to see it.  His office number is 453 (which is Flippin’s prefix. :)

The wall at the front of his office is frosted glass and his handwriting all over it…  When Kale was 3 years old he crawled under our coffee table and took a crayon and wrote his name. In all caps. I was mortified!! I seriously thought it was a sign that he was going to be a “hoodlum”.  I told him that I guess that writing under the coffee table really was a good sign.

Back Camera

This picture was in the parking lot of Kale’s office. I really liked how shaded it was from all those trees.  I imagine that helps in the Houston heat. 090310 (2) Kayla was at work, so we went straight to the new house and put the beds together and tried to get some things done before she got home.  We got one load from the apartment and then Tyler and I lined some of their kitchen cabinets.

Kayla got home about 7:15 and, after hugging on my girl, we went to eat at Chuy’s.  Yummy Tex-Mex.  (They have the best Jalapeno Ranch dip!!)

I am trying not to worry about how short the weekend is going to be… I LOVE being around all three of my kiddos so much.  It is a HUGE blessing to see them so happy and enjoying their lives.

I’m in my happy place.


Becky said...

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

Dorothy said...

Great shots! I know you will have a great long weekend!!!

Love ya!

Kelley said...

Keep having fun!

Jenn said...

Have a great weekend in your happy place!

I love Texas! My brother and his family live in Georgetown, Tx.

petrii said...

Have fun and enjoy, sweet one!!!