Monday, September 6, 2010

127 – Houston Day 4

090610 (2)

This morning was Kale’s morning to fix breakfast… he had pancakes on the menu.  We did have an issue overnight, though… three out of the five of us were sick with what has been blamed on some bad Olive Garden food.  All the guys were sick to their stomach’s over night.  Tyler has been the worst – he appears to have fever with his.  Dave has complained of “heart burn or indigestion” all day (not like him), but Kale seems to be feeling fine now.  Kayla and I are trying to convince ourselves NOT to be sick. Ha!

Kayla had to work today from noon to about five or so.  While she was gone, Kale and David worked on putting some outside lighting in the yard while I did some laundry.

090610 (8)090610 (16)   090610 (17)

Bosley was whimpering for his “daddy” through the window… 090610 (15)090610 (19)Poor Boz.

Here are two of my favorite things about the K’s house:

090610 (3)The dark hardwood floors

090610 (11)

The front door

  The Texas sky was beautiful this evening when we went for a walk in the neighborhood.

090610 (20) 090610 (21)And Kale was sure proud of how the house looked when we got home and his lights were on…

090610 (25) We head for home early in the morning.  I sure hope everyone is feeling well when we wake up.  I’m going to hate the goodbye, but I’m getting ready to be back at home in my own bed… and with my pup.


Dorothy said...

What a great visit! Love the pictures! Those sky shots are spectacular!

petrii said...

What a beautiful home the kids have. You must be just thrilled for them.

Sorry the guys got sick. Hopefully you all are feeling MUCH better.

Praying for your flight home ~~ love you,

Susie said...

Girl I have been suffering from stomach ailments this weekend myself. Not sure what it is from tho.

Loved the pics of their new home. It looks so nice. They must be so proud.

Jenn said...

There's hardly anything like a big Texas sky!

The K's new home is beautiful!

I'm saying a prayer that the flight goes well and that the goodbye's aren't too sad!

Dais! said...

i'm praying for safe travels today! and i feel so bad that those boys got sick =( poor ty got the worse of it though haha.. i'll see you guys soon!

Lauren said...

Their house is just beautiful!! :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

Love the floors - the dark wood and the tile in the kitchen both. I'm hoping for the wood floors when I get home from this mission trip! blessings, marlene

Real Simple said...

wonderful photos and wonderful times create wonderful memories! Glad you had some time with your daughter and son in law! now back home to the quiet...i am in a quiet home too! enjoy fall! hot here in florida!

Kimberley said...

poor tyler, at least he had his momma there to take care of him :)

hope everyone is better and you're home safe and sound.

Kayla said...

i love that you were there to take all these pictures i didnt get to take!

my handsome husband looks so cute doing all those chores! :)

Kelley said...

I love their house! The kitchen looks fantastic. I love the floors and door too.