Sunday, September 19, 2010

140 – Sunday Randomness

We had a quiet family Sunday today.  After church, we all went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then we went home to spend most of the day watching football.

This evening, before church, Tyler, Daisy, Maddie and I went to go visit Ms. Charlsie.  Maddie was so sweet meeting Charlsie.  She even shook her hand.

091910 (1)

While we were there, Maddie (who is pretty good with an iPhone) “borrowed” my phone and went a little crazy making pictures.  Here are a couple that she took…

091910 (2) 091910 (3)

In church tonight Steve reminded us, by way of Joseph’s trials (Genesis 40-41), that God can turn seemingly hopeless situations into incredible stories of victory.  I’m so thankful today for the way He works in our lives and for knowing that He is always there for us, even when it seems impossible.  I see Him at work in my life even as I type and my heart is filled with joy and it strengthens my faith.

I’m reminded almost constantly of late that there are so many around me who are going through difficult times and if I were to pray for all the needs that I was aware of I would be in a constant state of prayer.  But, God has been prompting me to be more purposeful in reaching out to show others that I truly care and to pray for someone when I tell them I will.

I read this post by my sweet friend, Micaela, this week and it has been on my heart ever since.  If you have a heart to pray for others, I’d encourage you to read it.  It will bless your heart.  We can make a difference in someone’s life with the simple act of prayer.


Susie said...

Sounds like a nice Sunday. Ours started off with a skunk in the garage that had been in there all night. Lots of fun there!

The Garners said...

Maddie took some great photos! I'm sure Mrs. C thought she was super cute!

I loved that post Mic did. It's been on my mind all week, too. I have been so burdened for her friend Elizabeth and her family. Like you, this has just been a week when my eyes were opened to so many needs right around me. I'm sure the needs are always there, but unfortunately I stay caught up in my "own little world" a majority of the time and so I fail to reach out to others. God has been stirring in my heart this week.

Kelley said...

I will be praying for Elizabeth. I know too well about this situation. It breaks my heart for any family to have to go through this. Thank you for your sweet comments about Mady. She is not feeling so well. I went to a women's Bible study this afternoon on the book of Revelation with Beth Moore on dvd. While I was gone, MK got a fever of over 100. I just hate that for them. Both just feel terrible. In the study though, Beth told us to ask God to disclose himself to us. We are to keep a journal of all of the times we see Him moving in our lives or in others. I can't wait to write mine for the passed couple of weeks.

Jenn said...

Miss Maddie is a cutie!

It is easy to get so wrapped up in our daily lives to see others that are hurting. I have been convicted recently about this too. The Lord opens my eyes daily about stuff that I need to get out of my comfort zone and just do for His glory!

Lauren said...

Oh, wow, Jacquie, this really convicted me. I often times find myself saying “Oh, I’ll pray for you”… and realize I never took the time to do that. Thank you for this!

Real Simple said...

great words of wisdom...needed to read them and let them sink in! precious blog! have a great day!!!