Monday, September 20, 2010

141 – Sleep

I have complained of having poor sleep quality for over 15 years.  When I turned 30, I lost my ability to list “sleep” as a hobby.  When I was in high school and in my 20s, I LOVED sleeping.  I could sleep all day and still sleep good all night.  It was nearly my favorite thing to do.

But, when I turned 30… it all went to pot.  Hormones.

Daisy told me about an app for my iPhone (Sleep Cycle) that tracks your sleep cycle and uses a 30 minute window to wake you at your optimal waking time. I’ve used it for about 2 weeks.  It’s pretty interesting.

Here are a couple examples of my sleep patterns:

Cool, huh?

I’m pretty excited for the fall TV line-up to start.  Biggest Loser starts tomorrow night and The Amazing Race starts this Sunday.  Fun TV!


Kayla said...

that is pretty cool!

omg, i completely forgot about BL! i hardly watch tv in the evenings anymore so i havent seen any previews. buuuttt i do know that greys is starting! eekkkk! :)

Kimberley said...

love the amazing race! can't wait!

Dais! said...

so do you like sleep cycle so far!?!?! when i had "normal" hours haha it worked pretty well and i was sleeping and dreaming really good..

and fall tv!!!! ahhh i just got our dvr all set up today =) kayla we are going to have to get jacquie addicted to greays too!!! tyler doesn't think we can do it hahaha

Susie said...

That is pretty interesting Jacquie. I wish I could sleep all night like I use to.

Kelley said...

I have not been sleeping well at all. It is really starting to show. MK stopped sleeping through the night when the baby came. She still wakes up. The baby hasn't been sleeping well I am am exhausted at work. Nothing good is on at 3AM. I need a DVR.