Sunday, September 12, 2010

133 – September 12

Even after nine years, it still feels like 9/11 happened just yesterday.  I remember that Tuesday and the events that unfolded and the horror that followed.  I remember driving to the post office that day and thinking how beautiful the blue sky was and feeling guilty because I was in a place of peace while so many were living through sheer terror.  I remember the chaos and the fear and thinking how similar it might be when Jesus comes back.

I also remember September 12.  America was different.  I remember the week (maybe two) that followed.  People I’d never seen before were coming in to the church in the middle of the week to use our sanctuary to pray. They took time during their lunch hour to stop and pray.  People were seeking God.  People attended church.

And then people went back to normal.

Ever since 9/11/01… I have been different.  I am more thankful for this country and the men and women of our military who serve to protect us and the freedoms that we possess.  I am more patriotic.  I pray that we, as a nation, would seek God again.  I pray that we would go back to the values this country once had.  I pray we would turn Washington DC upside down and beg God for men and women who truly seek the good of this country and its people. 

Ever since 9/11/01… I have been different.  Have you?

* * * * *

Here’s my project 365 photo for the day…

133I saw these chairs at TJ Maxx today (we stopped by after lunch) and texted them to Kayla.  I thought they were cute and funky. (I see a couple of friends from church in the background!! Hi S and B!!)

On another note… Maddie has a birthday party next weekend and I got her a little outfit, but what do you get a sweet three year old girl for a fun gift??? I was thinking about a cute beanbag chair or something (she has all kinds of baby dolls). 

We call Tyler “Monkey” so I was considering this one…

circo monkey beanbag…because when he calls her a monkey, she says, “no, you a monkey!”

Or, I think this one is just girly…

circo ladybug beanbagDo you have any other ideas??? Help, I’ve never had girls to buy for before! 


Kelly said...

Oh I love those chairs!!!
I think a beanbag chair would be really fun. Love the monkey one. You could always get her some kind of dress up something. WM even has little tutus and shoes and that kind of stuff. Little girls love that.

Kelley said...

I love the chairs, too. Her age group loves to dress up. They love the crowns, shoes, and jewelry. I think the bean bag chairs are super cute!

Kimberley said...

Love the green chairs!

You know I only have boys, but I have a 4yr old niece who loves the dress up clothes as both Kellys mentioned. Can't go wrong here.

I got Jacob (who's 3) a bean bag chair for his room and he loves it. As a mom, I would much rather have that than a toy that came with 300 pieces. HA! I'm sure you can relate!

Dais! said...

After 9-11-01 i have definitely been more patriotic and more supportive of our military and the men and women who fight for us every day =) may also have to do with my army brat side haha

and those green chairs are ADORABLE!!! and i love the monkey beanbag! i hope tyler showed you some pics of mads tonight in her dolphin hat at the zoo! if not i'll send them to you asap! =)

StitchinByTheLake said...

Three year olds love purses....and dress up princess outfits (resale shop formals work great if you can find really small sizes) and musical jewelry boxes. blessings, marlene

Kayla said...

i love that you're getting to shop for her! :) :) :)

i think it would be the cutest thing in the world to see her snuggled up on one of those!

and you already know im liking those chairs! :)

lara said...

those chairs would be awesome for a photog session!!! hmm, :)

and i love the monkey chair for sass!!

petrii said...

Oh I love the little bug chair. Have you seen the stuffed animals that turn into pillows? Love those too. Saw them on a commercial when Sir Cuteness and I was hanging out watching Turbo Dogs Saturday morning. I sure love me some G-babe =)

Love you friend ~~ Dawn

Jenn said...

I agree 100% with what you said about this country! I think after this November voters will send Washington a big message! At least I am praying it will happen.

I think a bean bag chair is a great idea! Our girls are 8 and almost 11 and to be honest they have just recently started playing with baby dolls. You could always go with some accessory for a doll, like a stroller, bath tub, bed, etc.

Becca said...

I saw those charis Friday night and I told Jordan he better get them for me and save them for Christmas, but he didn't! haha

Santa brought Noah a pillow pet for Christmas last year and he loves it!! They have all different animals.
"It's a pillow! It's a pet! It's a pillow pet!!!"