Sunday, September 26, 2010

147 – He is Lord

We sang this song in church this morning and I’ve had it in my head and heart all day.  I LOVE good worship!!

I am so thankful for our worship team and their dedication.  They are all volunteers and give of their time to lead us each week.  Randy (our worship leader) and his sister, Janice (piano) have been leading in worship for close to 30 years.  They bless me, I tell you!!!

Today was so fun! David and I had lunch with Daisy and Maddie and Maddie came home with us while her momma had to work.  We stopped by to say “hi” to Ms. Charlsie before she and I went to my Mom’s.  Today is my Mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday to the best mom in the WORLD!!

Maddie met several of my nieces and nephews (not near the whole, I’m afraid), but they loved and loved on her and she didn’t want to leave.  I finally just had to say, “It’s time to go, Maddie.”  She is so good.  One time, I had to tell her and my nephew that the car they were running through the hall with was just too loud and she said, “alright”.  My family loved that! She is so easy (most of the time).

092610 (7) 092610 (8) 092610 (9) 092610 (10) 092610 (11) 092610 (12) 

Her and my nephew, Dominic, played like this for about 2 hours.  He was SO sweet with her.

092610 (2)

Taking a break for hot chocolate

092610 (13)092610 (6)

The big girls gave her lots of attention.  She ate it up!

092610 (3)

I do this to her every time!! (Sorry she got that SWEET little outfit dirty, Daisy! She played hard.)

092610 (4) 092610 (5)         

A little supper.

092610 (16)

It has actually been cold here today.  Our very first cold day.  We turned our furnace on to take the chill off just a few minutes ago.  Poor Daisy (the dog) was shivering.  Dave is a bit of a spoiler.

Hope you were as blessed as I was today!!


Kayla said...

i knew that's where that picture was from earlier!! i miss getting to go there :(

gah, she's tooooo cute! and umm...Dom looks so grown!!

love that song, too!!

The Garners said...

What a great day!

Dais! said...

i love all the pics from today! looks like sass had a blast over there =) and i froze today!! i do not like this cold weather.. i guess me and daisy (dog) are quite a like.. poor tyler lol

Susie said...

Looks like a wonderful, full day Jacquie. Can't believe you had to turn the furnace on for a few minutes.

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!