Saturday, September 25, 2010

146 – The Events of the Day

This morning I thought I’d try to change the water softener filter by myself.  I’ve seen David do it, but never really paid much attention to the process.  I do know that he doesn’t shut off the breaker to the well pump when he does it… and my friend, Erica (who works for a water well company), does.  I thought I’d try to do what I thought was Dave’s way first.  That resulted in water shooting out everywhere, mostly straight in my face.

092510 (2)

I didn’t know that I’d be able to get it tightened back up without electrocuting myself (since there’s a power strip in that closet).  I finally did, then went in and popped the breaker, let the water drain from the lines, and finally got it changed.  Mission accomplished.  (Dave told me tonight that I forgot to turn off the shut off valve. Oh! Lesson learned.)

This pretty much sums up most of my afternoon – me and the dogs watching the football game…

092510 (3)092510 (5)092510 (4)  Tonight David and I went to eat pizza and stopped by to say “hi” to Daisy at work…

092510 (6)

…then we hit up TJ Maxx (which is right next door).  I was going to go earlier today, but I got sidetracked and then the game came on.

I broke the zipper on Izzy’s pet bed today when I was taking it off to wash it.  I put it back on and stuck it back in her crate with the open end kind of tucked under.  I didn’t think it would even be noticed.  We decided to put the two dogs together in Izzy’s room.  Usually they are separated in their own bathrooms with their own crates, but tonight I decided they might keep each other company.  When we got home, this is what I found…

092510 I guess a new pet bed is in order.


Kelley said...

The game was very exciting. I thought we had them.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Your dogs watch football just like I do. :) blessings, marlene