Monday, April 4, 2011

337–Sights from Today

040411 (5)

I saw these turkeys on the way to work this morning.  We’ve been seeing them around a lot more lately.

040411 (6)

The sky was beautiful when I was leaving Ms. Charlsie’s this evening.  This is her view from her front porch.  Nice, huh?

040411 (1)

We had the best weather this weekend… and today it’s been freezing and windy again.  I’m wondering if it will ever be Spring.


Kayla said...

It's spring in houston, for sure. Get to packing ;)

His Doorkeeper said...

That picture from Ms. Charlsie's porch makes me want to go sit a spell and enjoy the view! How peaceful it looks!

His Doorkeeper said...

P.S. I saw a HUGE turkey across the street from the church yesterday! A real turkey!!!

Claire said...

Oh I hope spring arrives soon. We keep getting peeks here in London, but I would like it to stay!


Kelley said...

It was spring here today. The other day it started out so warm and turned cold so fast!

Jenn said...

Ahh - what a view! I love when the clouds look like that, so pretty!