Wednesday, April 27, 2011

360–Secretary’s Day 2011

042711 (2)
“Thank You!” to whoever worked on our dirt road the last two days! I’ll finally be able to drive my car to work tomorrow.
042711 (3)
Ms. Judy came in today bearing gifts.  I thought she was early for my birthday, but as it turns out, it is “Administrative Professionals Day”.  I’ve been a secretary long enough that I still think calling it “Secretaries Day” is just fine. I am SO blessed to be able to work where I work, with the people I work with, and for the best church family in the world!
042711 (1)042711 (4)
Late this afternoon, Tyler came in to my office with this sweetie pie! She said to me tonight on the way home from church, “Ms. Jacquie, you got me that Easter dress.”  I said, “Yes, I did.” Then she said, “I think I need another one.” (She must’ve liked it.)  She also informed me that I haven’t bought her a blue dress yet. Haha!
Do y’all realize I am only four posts away from completing “Project 365”?


Jenn said...

Happy Secretaries Day! I saw the Admin. Assistant's Day posted on somebody's Facebook and it took me a minute to figure out what they were talking about. It is good to have a job you enjoy and to work with joyful people!

I also think it's time for a blue dress for Maddie :D

And the question is.....will there be a #366 (or another #1)?!

Susie said...

So, whatcha goin do when your 365 project is over? It's been fun watching everyday with you.

Kimberley said...

you are so dedicated! i could never pledge to do the 365 day project! congrats to you for sticking with it!!

Kelley said...

I am with Kim, it would be hard to stick with something like this. But you did it! I have enjoyed reading your posts so much!

petrii said...

Her lollipop matches her cute =)

Yep, girlfriend needs a new blue dress, Ms. Jacquie =)

I know you are one fantastic Secretary. They are blessed to have you friend.

Have a Blessed weekend,