Friday, April 1, 2011

334–Pizza and a Movie

April 1st!! Can you believe a quarter of this year has come and gone already??

Tonight Tyler invited our neighbors over for pizza and “Tangled” with the kids.  That’s such a cute movie and the kids really enjoyed watching it together.  They played for a while afterwards.  Maddie has a tent that is missing the supports (that Tyler is supposed to rig up for her at her house, but hasn’t yet) and the kids decided to play in it anyway…

040111 (1)040111 (2)040111 (3)


Kimberley said...

we have a Handy Manny tent, and jacob loves it!! i cannot believe it's already april. wasn't it just christmas and snowing 20"? :)

Kelley said...

We have a princess tent that Thara got MK when she was 1. She still likes it. I am with Kimberely. It can't be April. And May means Mady will be 1.

Jenn said...

What is it with kiddos and tents?! Our girls have always loved playing under a tent!

We've had Tangled approx. 50 hours and the girls have seen it 12 far.