Thursday, April 28, 2011

361–The Week

It has been such a busy week… with all the weather we’ve had and not being able to drive my car for a few days, things have just been kind of crazy.  Tyler and I talked this morning before work about all the storms and the damage they caused both yesterday and throughout this last week.  It is so sad and I’m praying for those who were impacted.
042811 (1)
I wanted to show you this sweet gift I got in the mail this week from my friend, Marlene, at Stitchin by the Lake.  She lives in the same town that my youngest sister (Kristin #11) lives in.  She was also affected this week by the severe weather and I’m so thankful she and her husband are safe.  Thank you, Marlene.  I will be using my sweet bag and will think of you every single time!
I gave Maddie a little “lip gloss” last Sunday morning.  She likes to sit in the bathroom with me and watch me put on makeup before church.  She always asks for makeup for her, so I touch her little cheeks with my blush brush after I’m done and then she gets some lip gloss for her lips.  That always satisfies her.  She decided she wanted to take the lip gloss with her to church and since I have about 10 of them, I let her.  She was a little upset after church when she couldn’t find it.  We finally convinced her that it was probably still in her Sunday School class, so that’s the first thing she looked for last night when we went back.  I got tickled this morning when I got to work and found this sitting on my desk. Haha! She’ll be looking for it again, I’m sure.
042811 (2)
I’m so excited about tomorrow.  Jodi and I haven’t had a lot of time together lately, BUT this weekend we’re going to the Women of Joy Conference in Branson together.  It is going to be amazing, I know!!


Jenn said...

My heart is breaking for all of those with so much devastation from the storms. This spring has just been crazy and it's not even May yet!

I hope you have so much fun at the WOJ!!! I enjoyed every second of my time in TN :) Especially the Casting Crowns worship!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I can't believe you are almost to the end of your 365 day program! And I'm jealous that you're going to the conference. It would be so fun to meet there! However, I'm doing something better...leaving Monday for Israel. Yep, will be gone 10 days walking in the Garden of Gethsamene, being rebaptized in the Jordan River, standing on the temple steps where Jesus taught. I get goose bumps thinking about it! blessings, marlene

Kimberley said...

i hope you receive many blessings at the conference!!!

Kelley said...

That sounds so wonderful! The conference will be awesome!