Monday, April 25, 2011

358–Spring Flood 2011

I only have 1/2 mile of dirt road, but even though it’s not far I couldn’t get my car across it to get to work this morning.  It’s washed out in three places on the 1/2 mile stretch. So, Tyler drove me to work this morning.  Looks like he’ll be doing the same tomorrow.
When he came to pick me up after work, we ran to Walmart for a few groceries and just as I came out the weatherman was announcing a tornado warning for our county – specifically our area of the county.  As we drove home, the sky didn’t look too bad, so we drove slowly to see the effects of all the rain. 
We took a few pictures of the ponds that are overflowing into the fields.

042511 (6)
And water covering our road.
042511 (8)
This is my dirt road…
042511 (13)042511 (12)042511 (15)042511 (18)042511 (16)042511 (17)042511 (20)
When we pulled in the driveway, the sky was looking awfully threatening.
042511 (25)
And the wind picked up and within a minute or two it was storming. Bad.
042511 (24)
It didn’t last long, but I don’t think the ground here can’t take much more.
042511 (21)042511 (23)
Things could be much worse.  We’re safe and dry in our home.  Some are not as fortunate.
But I sure am looking forward to some warmer, drier weather soon!


Jenn said...

I have never experienced as many storms as we've had this spring. It is crazy here too! I am very thankful we're not flooded and I don't blame you for not driving on those washed out roads.

Anonymous said...

Hope y'all are still OK this morning -- and that the next round of storms won't be severe for you. The Southeast just keeps getting pounded with bad weather!!

The water-covered road doesn't look like fun, but the scenery along your drive home is beautiful and peaceful -- and everything looks SO green when it's wet!!

Y'all stay safe!

Kimberley said...

there is a lot of flooding here too, but we've been very fortunate. the sun is trying to peak through today. glad you all are safe! ready for drier weather too!

Jamie said...

Wow! I'm glad y'all are okay. This has been one crazy month.

Kelley said...

This weather has been so scary! Glad you all doing okay!

StitchinByTheLake said...

The road looks terrible - but much of Arkansas does right now. We have a few limbs down but other than that we're ok. We were without power for a while but managed fine. I'm ready for some warm days though. blessings, marlene

Cindy Lou Cooper said...

I got caught out in the storm you posted here ! I didn't even go to Charlsie's during all the storms..The road was bad.. my truck is higher than your car , so I went threw it ,,had to if I wanted to go home..ha