Thursday, April 21, 2011

354–22 Years Ago…

Twenty-two years ago today, I gave birth to my second child… Tyler.  This isn’t news to him, but  when he was born I was a little upset … I had totally convinced myself that he was going to be a girl  (remember, we didn’t get ultrasounds back in those days) and when he wasn’t it upset my apple cart. Everything I had convinced myself of for months wasn’t true and I was going to have two boys instead of a boy and a girl and I wasn’t too happy about that at first.  I actually told the doctor to “put him back” after he told me he was a boy! Terrible, I know.
But, an hour or two after he was born the nurse brought him to me and I spent every minute of the rest of the night holding him and talking to him and naming him (since I didn’t even have a boy’s name picked).  I fell in love that night.  Can you blame me?

Tyler in hospital 042289Tyler 042289Tyler's first checkup 1989Tyler in Christmas sleeperTyler as Garth 1992Tyler with Tonka 1991ishTyler in the gardenTyler in the garden (2)
I can honestly say that having two BOYS has been the greatest blessing of my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world now.  Hindsight is 20/20.
For T’s birthday, I pulled out the journal I (inefficiently) kept for him.  Here’s one of the entries:
May 23, 1992 (not quite 3 years old)
You know, the first year and a half of your life I thought you didn’t love me because you always clung to your Dad.  But, you have so much love in you, I know that’s not possible for you.  You have more joy and happiness in your little heart, mixed in with a little orneriness and quite a bit of toughness.  It makes a wonderful combination and we absolutely love watching you grow up.  I remember laying on my bed at night looking over the side at a (too large for the bassinette) four-month old Tyler. I couldn’t stand the thought of putting you in your own room. I wanted to look at you, touch you, hear you.  It was one of the most precious times of my life and has been that way every day since, just sharing my life with you.
We have more nicknames for you: Mr. T; T.T. (Terrible Ty); Ty-boo; Monkey; Mookie; Titanic; Tidal Wave; Boo-Bear; Ty Ty; the list goes on.
You are a very loved boy. You have a wonderful personality. I am so blessed to have you! Kale is teaching you so much.  You can do 200 piece puzzles. You can (almost) make your own paper airplanes.  You have a plan for everything you attempt to do. You absolutely LOVE 4-wheelers! You love fun! You’re in the middle of everything that goes!
My heart is so full of love for you. You’re a sweet sweet boy and grow sweeter daily!
Love, Mom
PS. Thanks for the smiles and the tears!
Anyone that knows Tyler will find it funny that when he was 4 years old I wrote “Your facial expressions crack us up daily and your heart grows sweeter with each beat.”
This little story sums up how Tyler looks at life:
One day as we were going down the road, we saw a hitchhiker and Tyler asked, “Why is that guy giving us the ‘thumbs up sign’?” He thought it was the man’s job to be an encouragement to passersby!! Haha!
God gave Tyler a wonderful, warm and fun heart.  The fun part of him was oftentimes a challenge for me as a parent… but I NEVER wanted to break him, only bend him in the way of the Lord.  I am so so thankful for God’s hand in Tyler’s life.  He is so tender-hearted and loving.  He is a man after God’s own heart. And I am so blessed to be his mother. 
* * * * * * *
Izzy gave Tyler a birthday greeting this morning before he left for work…
042111 (7)
We spent the evening piled up watching “Sleeping Beauty” with Maddie-Moo (and the Idol results show – can I just say “finally”?).
We grilled pork chops and had mashed potatoes (my favorite!), green beans, and corn on the cob (Maddie’s favorite!).
042111 (3)
And then there was Tyler’s favorite dessert – banana pudding.  I think it may be another of Maddie’s favorites!
042111 (9)042111 (19)042111 (20)042111 (21)
It’s been a good day for a birthday…
Happy Birthday, Tyler Wilson! We love you!


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler!

What precious memories and I am loving your journal entries to your boys. That is such a special momento that they'll cherish for the rest of their lives!

I agree with Maddie - that banana pudding looks really yummy!

The Garners said...

Sweet, sweet birthday post! Happy Birthday, Tyler!

His Doorkeeper said...

Everything you said about Tyler is true and then some!
He is a wonderful young man and we are so proud of him! Ya'll did a great job of raising him!!

Susie said...

So sweet Jacquie! Happy Easter to you!

Kimberley said...

such a sweet post. your love for both of your boys is amazing!! i hope to have 2 godly men myself! :) i hope tyler had a wonderful birthday!

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler! What a special post for a special young man.