Tuesday, April 26, 2011

359–Yet Again

After work, I met JoAnn at the park for some cardio.  We barely finished when our old friends “lightening” and “thunder” showed up again. I think we are finally on the downhill slide of this crazy weather pattern.
There was some good TV on tonight.  Biggest Loser followed by The Voice.  Next week is “makeover week” on BL! I love that episode.


Jenn said...

I am praying after tonight's round of storms this crazy weather will take a break here too!

We missed the last 30 minutes of The Voice because the weatherman on that channel decided to break in with a weather alert. But what we saw we liked! Not a fan of Christina though.

Kelley said...

We missed those programs last night. The sirens kept going off here. We spent a lot of time in safe areas of the house. I am sick of this.

petrii said...

Ok, so I'm ready for sunny blue skies and no rain for a while. Our back yard needs to dry out.

Have a Blessed day friend ~~ Dawn

PS Note to self: you need to do cardio =)

Jamie said...

Oh, I like makeover week, too!

The sun is shining here--finally--and I'm so glad!