Sunday, January 2, 2011

245–Boo Hoo

Daisy and Maddie helped me take the Christmas tree down today.  I am always so blue when I’m doing it, BUT it’s over and now the room is back to normal and we can start again looking forward to the holidays next year.

010211 (1)

And it’s back to work tomorrow.  It’s been a wonderful holiday season and I am overwhelmed with God’s goodness to me and my family.


Kelley said...

I know what you mean. Tomorrow is my first day back. Mady isn't sleeping well tonight. So I am up pretty late. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Daisy said...

sad day =( did not want to take the pretty tree down. the holidays will be here once again before we know... sass will be 4! my gosh

Real Simple said...

i know too, what everyone is feeling about "blue" Christmas "takedown" times. But you know (and I know you know) everyday is Christmas for believers! We get the gift of the Holy Spirit in us and God's blessings all around us everyday!! I just wrote all that so I would remember it too! Happy New Year! I have new family photos on facebook, are you on that? but hopefully my daughter will get them on my blog. I am sooo not good at techy stuff! crafts, though, bring it on! ha!!!

Meagan said...

Confession-I have not taken mine down yet haha. I really REALLY dont want to! I probably will end up doing it sometime this week but I'm using me being busy as an excuse to keep the holiday decs around ;)

Dorothy said...

I used to always have the post holiday blues, but now I try not to get so built up beforehand in order to avoid the let down. So far it is working well.