Tuesday, January 18, 2011

261–So Long


We said “goodbye” to our treadmill tonight.  We decided to get rid of it since we haven’t had it plugged in for a couple years. Ha!  I don’t know what it is, but I’ll get in my car and drive to the gym to get on the treadmill, but I won’t get on it at home.  What is that??

I hope I don’t end up missing it.


Kayla said...

im the COMPLETE opposite! the thought of having to go to the gym to fight for ONE treadmill kills me.

i hope you don't miss her! :)

Kelley said...

I hope you don't miss her either. MK has her toys on mine right now. I guess she uses it for a slide. Beats me using it to hang clothes on. Ha!

The Garners said...

Our exercise bike is in the playroom and pretty much just serves as a post for the kids' tents or a prop for their spaceship adventures! ha! I did do 20 minutes on it today for the first time in waaaaay tooooo long!

Daisy said...

hmm wonder if ty is sad he has no where to hang/throw his clothes on hehe =) where is it going?

Dorothy said...

I think you like to be around the People at the gym! I would like to have a really good treadmill IF I had a place for it!

His Doorkeeper said...

In recent months I have just rediscovered our treadmill and have gone on a "run/walk" on it for awhile now.
Just too cold to bundle up and hit the road......but NEED to walk!