Friday, January 14, 2011

257–Friday Night with the Little Miss

Look who we babysat tonight!!

011411 (1)

Shortly after Tyler and Daisy left David came home and asked, “Where’s Tyler?” and Maddie answers for me, “They’re on a date!” Haha!

We just stayed in the for the evening instead of going out.  I fixed Maddie some supper and she didn’t eat much.  After a while she hit Dave up for a piece of candy and he told her he didn’t think she ate much of her supper.  She ran back in to the kitchen and finished it right up!

We spent the rest of the evening drawing, doing puzzles, watching a little Nick Jr., and lots of pretend.  She’s a hoot!  And now, I’m worn out and going to bed!!


Kelley said...

Little girls are a lot of fun. Mine can tire me too. Thanks for your comments about Revelation. It was a difficult class, we worked hard, but I am glad I did it.

The Branches said...

She looks so full of energy in this picture! I am sure ya'll had a great time :) And Conroe, TX is pretty far from us...but if you ever come up to Dallas/Ft. Worth that is where we are! Have a great weekend!

Dorothy said...

Cute picture of Maddie! Those little ones can tire you out! Where do they get all that energy?

petrii said...


She is SO cute!! Glad y'all had such a good time.

Love you friend,