Monday, January 17, 2011

260–Monday Randomness

It’s been a busy Monday.  I got my workout in at lunch and after work this evening, Tyler and I went up to the church.  Randy was having practice with the worship team and we went to see if we could help with the audio/video stuff.

011711 (2)

When we got home, David said that Tyler’s dog (Daisy) got after something in the yard (probably an armadillo – she likes to hassle them) and he thinks she ran through or under the fence.  Needless to say, she scraped her forehead up. Bless her heart.

011711 (4)

My snack for tonight is an old favorite… yogurt and granola.  I usually use Kashi Go Lean Crunch, but tonight I had Bare Naked Vanilla Almond Crunch.  Most people think it looks disgusting, but it sure does taste good!

011711 (3)

I’m updating my fitness blog tonight - today was weigh-in day.  I didn’t gain or lose this week.  I’m okay with that because 1) I know I ate spot on and got all my workouts in for the week; and 2) it’s high hormone week.  So, it’ll all be okay.

I ended up not getting in to bed until 11:50 last night after making a good effort.  Seriously, gonna try to get my posts up and get to bed.  Night all!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Tomorrow's my weigh in day and I'm pretty sure I haven't lost any this week. I ate right and I don't have hormones. :( blessings, marlene

Kelley said...

I thought that snack looked really good. You have something a little sweet with something crunchie.

Jenn said...

Daisy's face is so pitiful. :(

Our family has committed to getting back into our healthy eating routine! Last year we did pretty good up until Thanksgiving! :) Now it's back to the grilled meat and veggies!

I LOVE yogurt with granola!