Sunday, January 16, 2011

259–Thanks, Minnie Mouse

011611 (2)

Maddie is the sweetest thing ever in the mornings (and so are those pajamas that Kayla and Kale gave her for Christmas or was it Santa??).  She was showing me her Minnie Mouse “blanket” that I got for her to take the place of her regular blanket when Daisy forgets hers… which just so happened to be the case last night.  Minnie came through like a champ!

We had a typical Sunday here.  We had a great day of worship, our favorite Mexican food for lunch, and a quiet afternoon at home.  We did watch most of the original “True Grit” that I had recorded one night when the kids were seeing the new one in the theater.  (There are some hilarious lines in that movie.)

The weekend has quickly come to an end and I’m off to bed.  STILL trying to get to bed earlier.  I can’t seem to get that down. 

I hope y’all have a great work week.


Daisy said...

"well, I didn't think you would do it!" Tom Chaney.. I think the newer True Grit was better.. I can actually understand Rooster in the orginal one.. not as funny! hehe

Minnie did come through.. I am so forgetful these days.. i need smart pills or something

weekend went by way too fast =(

Meagan said...

She is so precious! Glad you guys had a great wknd :)

Kelley said...

What a great idea to have Minnie Mouse available! Maddie is precious!