Saturday, January 15, 2011

258–THIS Is What Makes It Tough

It is SO hard to eat out when you are trying to make healthy food choices.  And THIS is my weakness…

011511 (1)

But, I’m happy to report that I ate just one!

I allow myself that “one” so I don’t feel totally deprived.  Another thing I try to do is have a glass of water gone before they bring my meal.  That helps to fill you up so you don’t over-eat.

Tomorrow is Free Day!!


MiMi said...

Oh, girl, I am right there with you on the chips and salsa! Honestly, though...if you're going to have a weakness...that's probably one of the better ones. I have to count out a limited number of chips on my plate and that is IT...otherwise I would eat the whole basket of chips!

Dorothy said...

Good for you for just eating one! Last Thursday I joined SparkPeople online. I made those horrid 'Before' pictures! We'll see if I wimp out on this;)

Jenn said...

I could live on chips and salsa! We went to a Mexican restaurant the other day and I told Brian it was pure torture because I couldn't eat the C&S because of my teeth!

Kelley said...

I lurve chips and salsa. One just won't do. You are an inspiration. I need to work on control like that.

His Doorkeeper said...

I tried the new guamole fire-grilled corn dip (not sure if that's the name of it for real but you know what I mean) at Chili's on Fri night and loved it...except it was so hot I could hardly swallow!! I wonder if they make it without the J's in it??

I could live on chips/salsa from C's! S literally "drinks" the salsa!!