Saturday, January 29, 2011

272–Wild and Crazy Kids

Maddie is spending the night with one of her grandmas.  So, while we are missing her in all this quiet, Tyler and Daisy are breaking out a new 1000 piece puzzle.


Those wild and crazy kids!

I think it’s pretty cute that these two, almost 22 year old “kids” (at least to me), are spending their Saturday night enjoying each other’s company with a puzzle.


Kimberley said...

that would make me sleep better at night :)

petrii said...

That will serve them well as they age =)

Wow they are young!! I am twice as old as they are. Okay so now I just feel old =)

Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed Lord's Day,

Dorothy said...

Count your blessings, Jacquie! they make a cute couple!

Daisy said...

well lets just say i worked on oh the edge and some of the puzzle.. tyler definitely did most of it haha

Jenn said...

That's pretty neat! Shows you that you can just spend time doing whatever together and have fun. They are a cute couple :)