Friday, January 28, 2011

271–Fun Day

Fun day today! My sister (#3)  had an appointment and asked me to meet up with her and go to Branson.  We had a nice lunch, spent a little time shopping, and got caught up on the things going on in our lives.  (Have I mentioned having sisters is pretty swell??)

012811 (1)

(If you are thinking you’d like to take the sweet little blonde girl home with you… you’ll have to get in line.  Love her!)

Tyler and Daisy made the dinner plans for us tonight.  We met up with a couple of young families to eat at the rib place.  When we got there they were out of EVERYTHING but chicken and burgers. Haha! So we went to the next place in town… pizza.  When we got there, they were out of all the hand-tossed and small crusts.  Say what? We made do and had such a fun time.  There’s a game room in the pizza place so the kids stayed pretty excited. With six kids under the age of 8, the chaos in the place wasn’t a whole lot different than having a holiday meal with all the Goulets.


Jenn said...

Don't ya love small town restaurants! And I bet those sweet girls played really well together!

Sisters are wonderful!!! I just wish mine lived closer than 700 miles away.

Kelley said...

I think sisters are great too! Wish mine didn't live all the way in Alaska! I think it is so neat that you have such a large family.