Wednesday, January 26, 2011

269–The 10 Lepers

012611 (2)

This drawing made me smile tonight at Cubbies.  Little Adrianne told me she could draw a bunny, so I told her to show me.  This is her bunny before she finished coloring it.

I told the story of the 10 lepers tonight and, like always, I ask questions in review.  They usually listen pretty well, so I love that they often know the answers.  Somehow tonight (I guess because we were talking about the men being sick) during question time, they started talking about being sick and puking here and there and everywhere. Ya gotta love ‘em!


Kelley said...

That picture of the bunny is definitely refrigerator worthy. It is so precious!

Dorothy said...

Kids are so honest with their comments! They usually tell it like it is!

Daisy said...

those up chuck stories were seriously cracking me up and i tried not to laugh cause i knew they would've kept on telling them.. and well they did! haha love them

Jenn said...

I love teaching little kiddos! They are so precious and can be so funny!