Thursday, February 3, 2011

277–I’m Getting More Grandma-like Every Day


Not a real glamorous photo, but today I got the car seat I ordered.  Between Tyler, Daisy and me, Maddie’s car seat gets a workout, so we thought it would help a little if we had one for us and maybe poor Daisy won’t have to move hers so much.

I also ordered a “contraption” to help at the airport.  When it comes in and we try it out, I’ll let you know what we think about it. I know you’re on the edge of your seat.


Kelley said...

Having that extra seat will be such a blessing for Daisy. It is harder having to move it around. You used to could get one through Farm Bureau for $25. I got 3 one year at that price for when MK was little. Both sets of grands had one and I had one. Glad I did that now. It won't be long until they need to pull it out for Mady.

Kimberley said...

You're like my mom. They have a car seat in their backseat. It works out great!

Kayla said...

Oh, i love this!! :)

The Garners said...

That will be so helpful! We hate moving the kids' carseats around. I'm so glad R just uses a booster seat now.