Sunday, February 13, 2011

287–Texas Trip–Day 3

Today was girls’ day.  Kayla, Daisy and I went to a really nice Outlet Mall while Maddie had a “date” with Kale and Tyler.  I think they wore her out at the park near the K’s house because she went down for a 3 hour nap afterward. Ha!

021311 (4)
Before we left Maddie was “accessorizing” from Kayla’s closet – you’ll notice them in the picture below with the new “friends”  she has made here in Kayla’s spare bedroom.  We’ve caught her talking to “them”.  She says the pink one is the mommy and the black one is the baby.  She’s also had an obsession with store mannequin’s of late.  It’s so funny.
021311 (3)
When we got back from shopping, we all loaded up and went to Chuy’s for supper.  I have major love for their chips and jalapeno ranch dip. Oh my goodness!
021311 (1)
After dinner, we went down the street to meet some of the K’s neighbors.  They have so many really nice people in their neighborhood.
I got a little misty at the supper table tonight thinking about tomorrow being our last day here.  We always have such a good time together.  I’m so happy that Kale will be coming home (to Arkansas) in early March and then both the K’s are planning a trip home around the 4th of July.  Makes leaving just a little bit easier.


Jenn said...

I think all little girls go through the love the mannequin stage! Holly used to run up to them in the store and hold their hands while saying - "Daddy!"

Love her Kayla accessories!

Enjoy your last day in the warm Texas weather!

Kelley said...

MK loved mannequins! I am so glad there is another child out there that loves them. She especially liked the ones at Old Navy! Ha! Happy Valentine's Day!