Thursday, February 24, 2011

298–My AI Thoughts

I’m SO ready…


… for the Top 24!!

Casey (at this point) will be hard to beat.

Three nights next week.

Fun season so far.

Great job choosing J-Lo and Steven Tyler.

Totally disagreed with the last male cut (Colton should have stayed).

Not sure which girl will be the standout.

Your thoughts?


Jenn said...

I have watched AI very few times since it's been on :( I did see Steven and J-Lo on one of this years episodes for about 30 minutes and I must say I liked them a little better than Simon and Paula. There has always been something about Steven Tyler that I've liked. I guess that's my rebel crush....haha!

Kimberley said...

lovin' AI this season!!

i think all the girls are good! and most of the guys :)

Becky said...

I too think Casey will do an awesome job, Colton certainly should have stayed in opinion as well. And I think her name is Pia or something like that. One of the last ones to go through last night, long hair, dark hair......she can sing like the dickens, I have my eye on here. Plus, I LOVE STEVEN TYLER!!!!

petrii said...

I so thought they made the wrong choice with that last one, and I really liked Chris Medina too, but I agree Casey is REALLY good!!

The boys look strong again this year, but the blond Cowgirl Barbie is really good and so cute. I think she will go far!!

Love ya friend,