Saturday, February 12, 2011

286–Texas Trip–Day 2

This morning the boys went to the driving range, while us girls stayed home with Maddie.  While she napped, we watched “Life As We Know It”. Then afterwards, we went to the mall.

021211 (9)021211 (10)

Maddie had a good view of the mall on Tyler’s shoulders.

021211 (5)

We visited the pet store…which was a big hit…

021211 (8)

…and Maddie got her haircut at a fun kids hair salon…

021211 (1)021211 (2)

Isn’t it adorable??

021211 (6)

Then, tonight we went to church at the K’s church.  They have some awesome worship, but I am sure going to miss my church tomorrow!!

021211 (7)

We had supper at a cute little Italian restaurant and came home and sat around and talked and talked and had a few belly laughs.  These kids are so fun.


Kelley said...

It sounds like you all are having a blast! Love the place Maddie got her hair cut!

Dorothy said...

Love Maddie's haircut!! What fun!

Jenn said...

Fun times! Love Maddie's new haircut - such a doll baby!

I wish I could enjoy shopping at the mall while riding on someone's shoulders...haha!