Thursday, February 17, 2011

291–Flood, Computer, Video, Brownies, and a Little Idol Talk

It’s been an unusual week at work… we had a pipe freeze and bust and Sunday morning (when I was in Texas) they found it AND our choir room filled with water.  We’ve had a restoration company here working on the clean-up all week.  I also got a new computer in for our sound booth and Tyler and I have been setting it up and transferring files, etc.

Today, when I was transferring some video files, I came across the video Kale and Kayla made for their wedding. It was sweet to watch again!

021711 (3) 

When we were in Texas, I made some brownies and used Kayla’s “Perfect Brownie” pan set.  They make really good brownies…so look what I got at the grocery store tonight…

021711 (1)

Already made a batch – and, of course, they turned out “perfect”.

Did any of y’all get to see “American Idol” last night? We got about the first 10 or 15 minutes of it until our local FOX affiliate had transmission problems.  No one local got to watch the group round.  Facebook was lit up with some angry AI fan remarks.

I didn’t think I could possibly enjoy this season without Simon, but I think I have enjoyed this season more than any other so far!


Jenn said...

Water damage can be a headache!

Brownies are my vice and I freely admit it :D The best mix I've ever found is the Save-a-lot brand with chocolate chunks!

Kelley said...

So sorry to hear about the water problem. Hopefully the restoration company will get everything back as good as new. I will have to try that perfect brownie pan.

DaisyGirl said...

Hate to hear about y'all's problems with water at work! EEK!! About AI...I think this was a good judge change for the show. Now, it's an actual competition focused on the talent...not the sarcasm!

Kimberley said...

I got the Perfect Brownie as a gag gift for my birthday one year, but I love it! I use it for other things besides brownies when I want bite size. I love AI this year!!!

Meagan said...

Adorable pictures of the K's :) Boo for water problems, but YAY for brownies!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Jacque I've seen that brownie pan and wondered about it - do you pour batter into each segment like in muffin pans or is it an insert that you put in the pan after you put in the batter? blessings, marlene

Becky said...

That brownie pan looks so cool! I have never seen anything like that :P

petrii said...

Oh those brownies look SO good!! I definitely LOVE me a good brownie.

Water breaks are the pits!!!

Girl, we didn't get AI here either. We must have the same Fox affiliate. How is it we live so close and have never met? That is a travesty =)

Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed weekend,

Kayla said...

so sorry about the flooding. what a pain.

i wanna watch that!! not even sure i have it??

if i would have known you liked that brownie thing so much, i would have packed it for you. i don't even know which cabinet it was in! hehe

...and you know how i feel about AI!! SO good this season!