Saturday, February 19, 2011

293–Taxes, Dominoes, and Unfinished Business

I spent all the live-long day doing paperwork for our taxes. Ugh.

Daisy and Maddie showed up early this evening and by the time David got home I was about to gouge my eyes out… so we decided to go to Jodi and Gary’s to play some Mexican Train dominoes.  I even went in pjs and slippers.

022011 (1)

Maddie is feeling a little better, but she’s not herself just yet.  Here she is watching a little Nick, Jr. with JoJo’s dog, Ava.

022011 (3)

I think she may have been arranging Jodi’s pictures, too. Haha.

Amazing Race 18

Look what starts tomorrow night!!!  It’s gonna be a good season – “the cowboys” are coming back!


His Doorkeeper said...

Can't wait for the Amazing is one of the few TV shows I watch. So glad to see the Cowboys and the Harlem Globetrotters again!!

petrii said...

Don't you just love good friends that you can show up in your pj's in? I LOVE that!!!


I don't watch A.R. but I'm happy it's gonna be a good season, since 24 is over and all.

Have a Blessed day,

The Garners said...

Excited about AR--the cowboys! Glad M is feeling a little better.

Kimberley said...

thank you for the reminder! i almost forgot! we love AR!!! and i'm so excited about this season! those cowboys were such gentlemen! their accents crack me up!

Kelley said...

We worked on our taxes today too! My sentiments exactly. Ha! I have played chicken foot dominoes and it was fun. Thanks for the reminder for AR.