Sunday, February 20, 2011

294–Sunday Date

Tyler and Daisy left right after church this morning to go to Branson and then Springfield.  They are on part two of Daisy’s birthday/Valentine’s gift… a little shopping and the “Rock and Worship Road Show”.  While they are on their date, we’ve had Maddie for a whole day “date”. 

Even though she’s feeling a little better she’s still not quite herself.  About 10 minutes after we got in the car to go to lunch, she was asleep…

022011 (2)

… she was still asleep after we got seated at the restaurant.

022011 (3)

After lunch we stopped at the “candy store” and got a few things.

022011 (7)

I told her before we could play with her new stuff, she needed to lay down for her nap.  We always read (just one) book before bedtime. She picked…

022011 (8)

She went down (really well) sometime between 1:00 and 1:30 and didn’t wake up until 5:15!!! (Thanks for letting me get a little Sunday nap in, too, Mads!)

022011 (1)

David had to be at a Deacons meeting at 6:00, so she didn’t have much time to play after her nap, but she did make us a little tea from her new teapot.

When we got home from church, we made brownies together.

022011 (9)

Then it was coloring and puzzle time…

022011 (4)

She’s back in bed now.  I think she’s ready to see her momma… she asked several times at bedtime how long before her momma comes home.

I love when I say “goodnight” and close the door, she yells, “miss you!”  Sweet, sweet baby girl.


The Garners said...

Wow--that's a long nap! Sweet, sweet pictures of her.

Kelley said...

Why can't my kids nap like that?Amazing. I am loving her haircut!

Kimberley said...

sounds like you're getting to experience what it would've been like to have a little girl in the house! how fun! :)

Dorothy said...

Maddie is such a sweetie!

Jenn said...

Sweet date day! I bet she is so much fun!

4D Ultrasounds said...

she is cute and gorgeous
you have her 4d ultrasounds pics?