Sunday, February 6, 2011

280–Super Sunday

We had a great day today! Church was awesome. (Am I the only one who enjoys sermons on giving and generosity? It makes me want to do more.)

Afterwards, we went to eat… you guessed it, Mexican.

020611 (2)

Jodi called while we were eating and she was headed to town, so Daisy and I met up with her there while the men took Maddie back to the house for a nap.  She took a good nap – she was still asleep when we got back.

We had some more sleet, freezing rain and snow expected for tonight, so our church called off our evening services.  I usually record the Super Bowl and come home and MAY or MAY NOT watch it.  But, tonight (since we were home) we decided to watch it in real time… first time in over 20 years.  I can honestly say that I didn’t feel like I have been missing a thing.  (That half-time show was just awful in my opinion.)

Jodi and Gary came with pizza and Jodi’s monster cookies (which are SO good).  Maddie hung out with the men at the dinner table.

020611 (4)

And then Daisy taught us how to play Mexican Train dominos.

020611 (1)

We had a Super Sunday!


The Garners said...

Hee hee--love the pic of M hanging out with the men at the dinner table! :)

Jenn said...

We always watch the last half after we get home from church. I don't think I've ever watched an entire SB game. Glad I missed the half time show & the disprespected national anthem from what I hear about them.

That is a sweet picture of you all and Miss Maddie! I think she has stolen you're hearts for sure!

Angie said...

I love reading about your family. I love how you just enjoy being together.

Kayla said...

monster cookies!?!? hmm...i need some of those! :)

that maddie is too cute!!

Daisy said...


Mexican train was so hard to explain haha.. glad we ALL caught on hehe

Lauren said...

LOVE Mexican train!!! I challenge you to a competition!!!!! :)

Dorothy said...

I'm another who likes sermons of giving generosly. Jeep preaches on the subject of thithing when he get the chance.
I didn't watch much of the game but did see Christina murder the National Anthem. I gasped and said, "She left out part of the words!" Then she went on to stylize the tune to suit herself! Any number of people could have done a better job. Jeep turned and watched basketball during halftime. I heard that show was awful, too. Guess I'm just too old for such.
Dominos and Pizza look like fun and, of course, Maddie is always fun!

petrii said...

Oh Jacquie,
You are speaking my love language with Mexican Train Dominos. LOVE IT!!! I have such wonderful memories of snow days and me and Dak and G playing MTD for hours. LOVE ~~ LOVE ~~ LOVE IT!!!

Have a Blessed week,

JDS said...

I always find the sermons on giving to be very inspiring, and I feel bad for people who never hear them. And yes, the halftime show was awful.

Kelley said...

I didn't even tune in to the super bowl. MK has the flu now and Mady sounds like she has pneumonia now. I was busy running back and forth between these two. We were well for about a day and then they felt terrible again.