Wednesday, February 23, 2011

297–My Day in Pictures

022311 (2)

The morning started out a little rough… I dropped a contact down the sink (I guess?? I never could find it).  I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 18 years old and have never lost one down the drain – until this morning.  For those of you who pay like $25 per BOX… mine are $140 per box … that’s over $23 per contact!!! Yikes!

Then, I had a doctor’s appointment.

022311 (3)

Need I say more, ladies??

The day got better when I got back to work.

Tonight Daisy had our Cubbies make “Noah’s Ark” with paper plates.  Then she gave them Beanie Babies to put in them.  So cute!  Here’s Tyler’s embellished version sans the Beanie Babies.

022311 (1)


The Garners said...

Love that craft--Alexee would, too--we'll have to do that!

Kimberley said...

ever looked into lasik? :)

it took me a second to figure out that 2nd picture! LOL! :)

Jenn said...


Hope tomorrow is a much better day for you!!!

Heather said...

What a day!!! :) You are so sweet to check on me! I have been migraine-y this last week...and was better yesterday...but all of a sudden today I have a killer headache. (Maybe the weather-it is storming like crazy here!) So I'll take some prayers! :) Especially since I am teaching my very first class at the gym tonight!!!

Kelley said...

That is some kind of day! I hope today was better!

Daisy said...

THAT CRAFT WAS SO FUN!! I'm glad we chose that one hehe

don't you love that you, me and kayla all had ob/gyn appointments.. i get mine done for my bday hahahha

=) tomorrow is the day we head to see melody! so excited!

The Branches said...

ha..ha...this is great! I loved seeing your day and sorry about the contact I do that ALL.THE.TIME and mine are no where near that expensive! Yikes!