Thursday, December 2, 2010

214–Poor Boy

The stomach bug has hit the Wallace house.  Tyler has been home sick all day and when I got home this evening this is what I found…

120210 (2)

…he was sacked out on the floor in front of the wood stove.  I sure hope he feels better soon and the rest of us don’t get it.

Ms. Charlsie’s sister, Dorothy, is celebrating her 101st birthday today!! Isn’t that amazing?

For some reason, thinking about how old Dorothy is made me think about David’s mom (who died when she was only 53).  Yesterday would have been her 68th birthday.  She has been gone for almost 15 years and David’s Dad has been gone almost 5 years.  I know they are missed.

Hug your loved ones today.


Kimberley said...

we had the stomach bug last week, not fun! hope you can stay well!

Kayla said...

YUCK, hope that gets out of that house soon!!

101...very impressive! :)

i so wish i could have met them...

PearsonWifey said...

Boo, I hate that he's sick :( Hope he gets better soon & you all stay stomach bug free!

Kelley said...

I hope you get well soon! That stomach bug is awful!