Tuesday, December 14, 2010

226–BL #10

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Tonight was the Biggest Loser finale.  Rick (from Conway) got oh-so-close to winning the at-home prize.  They had some really great success stories and I’m always moved when people have transitions that are life-changing.

Three weeks and we’ll start Season 11.


Jenn said...

We love watching The Biggest Loser around here! It's one of the only shows we actually watch.

I had mixed emotions about Patrick winning tonight. We were on Team Ada, but Patrick was our 2nd choice.

Dorothy said...

I wish I was the biggest loser! I have to go on a diet (the first Monday after New Year's Day, of course;-)

Heather said...

Rick was SOOOOOOO close! We are still so proud of him, though, and I know he is so proud of himself!!! He is staying in California the next two weeks and going to Disneyland and skiing with his kids and grandkids! So cool, huh?!?! He is a really great guy! Such a neat story and what a wonderful accomplishment!
The next season looks really trainers, etc.
I watched with friends last night at a watch party for the first time (I usually just watch at home) and it was different! The room EXPLODED when Rick came out!!! :)