Tuesday, December 21, 2010

233–Christmas with Ms. Charlsie

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This evening David and I went to visit Ms. Charlsie.  He had her groceries (she likes Dave to buy her groceries – reckon that has to do with my lack of cooking – especially country cooking?) and I had her dog food and some medications (she likes me to get her non-grocery items).  I also needed to sort her meds.  Since we’ll be gone for Christmas we took her gift to her this evening.

The Christmas season is usually a very lonely and difficult time for her.  She misses Hardy so much.  This year, she has a get-together on Christmas day with her brother, sister and niece.  I am THRILLED for her about that.

She is such a joy to us.  We’re so thankful for the 20 years we’ve had with her and pray for many more!

I also made a trip up to my Mom and Dad’s before going to Charlsie’s… since I won’t see them at Christmas.  My first Christmas away from my momma.  Kind of sad about that… but oh, I cannot wait to see the Ks!


The Garners said...

This is a sweet sweet picture of Ms. Charlsie. I'm glad she has a Christmas day get-together to go to! Y'all have a WONDERFUL TRIP!

Claire said...

What a sweet picture. I hope you have a lovely trip!


Lauren said...

Ms. Charlsie is just precious!!! Will you please give her a big hug from me when you see her next??? :)

Rebecca Lingerfelt said...

Sooooo Sweet! You have a wonderful, safe trip!
Merry Christmas!

Kelley said...

I love seeing Ms. Charlsie! I hope she has an awesome Christmas this year.

petrii said...

I know I'm behind in my blog reading. Apparently the CHRISTmas season will do that to ya =)

Ms. Charlsie looks just beautiful!! I love how you and David watch out for her and take care of her. I know she must appreciate it too.

Love and hugs,