Monday, December 6, 2010

218–Medicare and Providence

I’ve had a busy Monday… but aren’t they all??


In addition to my normal stuff, I’ve been trying to help Ms. Charlsie decide on either staying with her current Medicare Part D (Prescription plan) or find a new one.  I am 46 and this stuff is SO confusing to me… how do they expect people who are 92 years old to figure it out???  Anyway, I order all her meds and keep an eye on her insurance, so I’m trying to figure out the best plan for her.  I did find out that the site doesn’t necessary paint the true picture of the plans they outline, so that has made it all the more confusing.  What a mess!

On another note… I read my friend Heather’s “Providence” post today.  I was so touched by her description of her dad.  As soon as I read it, I sent a link to Daisy and another one to Tyler.  Tyler is SO good with Maddie, but he also knows he’s not her father and I know that beginning a relationship where a child is already part of the equation brings a lot to the table.  When we’ve discussed his future with Daisy (and Maddie) I’ve always just told him to love Maddie well and she’ll “get it”.  He does a good job of that and I know that makes Daisy happy (you can read Daisy’s post here to see what I mean).  I am so proud of him and the direction his life is taking. 

God is good.


Kayla said...

i would not be good at any of that stuff. i dont know why they have to make all that so difficult!

loved her post tonight. it does my heart good to see where fester is headed :)

Jenn said...

That is our wonderful government programs working at their best. Glad that there is medical help for the elderly and the ones who have worked their entire lives to receive it. I am sure that Ms. Charlsie is glad she has you to help her sort that stuff out!

So happy your prayers are being answered! God is good - all the time!!!

Kelley said...

I hear you on the medical stuff! It is horrible. My Dad has been through so much. Insurance has denied his chemo treatments and some of his medicines. How do they put a price tag on someone's life like that? It is terrible. It is very confusing. My Mom helps him. She has become our insurance expert these days with Medicare part D.

Dorothy said...

Our government loves Red Tape! Jeep and I still have most of the intelligence we ever had and all those choices and forms are hard for us! I can't imagine how some old people, who have nobody to help them, manage all this. We never know if we have chosen the best plan for our needs. Bless you for helping Miss Charlsie! You will have stars in your crown for all this!!!


God bless you for helping Ms. Charlsie with her Medicare paper work. I'll be turning 65 next year and I am not looking forward to going through the Medicare maze :-(

God bless you and have a great week