Friday, December 10, 2010

222– When the Highlight of Your Day is Chips and Guacamole

Not much to post about today.  Mads is staying with her grandma this weekend and Tyler and Daisy are at their Sunday School Christmas party tonight.  But, David and I did go to Chili’s for some chips and guacamole and a little of this…


…and then we did a lap (or two) around TJ Maxx.  Izzy and Daisy (the dog) scored a new pet bed.

That’s about all folks! Hope you have a fun weekend.  Stay warm.  We’ve got some kind of Nor’easter on it’s way here.  Hello, wood stove.


Dorothy said...

I'd like a bite of that, please! Also would like to shop with you at your favorite store! Blessings for a special weekend!

The Garners said...

Enjoy the wood stove this weekend! Mom isn't excited about the cold front coming in!

Kayla said...

looks pretty good to me! you know right where i'd be if we were there. right in front of that wood stove :)