Sunday, December 5, 2010

217–A December Sunday

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I want to thank Daisy who helped me wrap presents today while Tyler and Maddie both took naps. Ha!  I’m not the most talented gift-wrapper, but she is good!

We’re trying to come up with a good plan to take Christmas to Houston this year.  We’re going to have to haul the gifts and the stocking stuffers while trying to keep things organized and not let anyone see their gifts.  It’s an interesting twist this year.

Tonight at church our children put on their Christmas program.  Those kids are ADORABLE.  I always enjoy seeing them wave at their family members or sing REALLY LOUD or just be kids.  That just makes it precious.  I snapped these pictures with my phone…

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Kayla said...

i was wondering how that was going to happen. planning on wrapping before you get here? because santa has to wrap, too... maybe extra totes or something??

i would have LOVED to have seen those precious kiddos :)

Kelley said...

I know you all will have a blast this Christmas! I am so excited about having some time off again with my girls.

Dorothy said...

Jacique, I know you will have a wonderful Christmas with your family! Those children are so cute! Ours played the handbells at morning worship and then we went to the Cantata last night. We had refreshments in the Fellowship Hall afterwards for EVERYONE who attended.
Thanks for your comments about Jeep! We were made for each other!

Daisy said...

wrapping presents was so fun! and in a weird way relaxing haha.. i can't believe we got the bulk of it done hehe.. and we'll organize it perfectly. we may have to stash the stocking stuffers in our suit cases??? hmm

and my goodness those kids were ADORABLE! i can't wait for sass to do it next year... maybe.. if i'm not a nervous wreck worrying if maddie will act out or mess up hehe =) IT WILL BE FUN!

can't wait for texas!! =)

Rebecca Lingerfelt said...

I read your blog everyday, your stories warm my soul! Just wanted to say when we lived in MD, my parents UPS'd our wrapped gifts in a large box, that way we got it all and they didn't have to worry about the paper tearing or losing any. Just a heads up, I would call your airline to make sure you are going to be able to take wrapped gifts, I had heard they were not allowing that, but don't know if that is the case. I am JEALOUS you will be in Texas, that is home for us! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and safe travels!