Wednesday, December 1, 2010


There’s lots to like about teaching our Awana Cubbies group. 

  • The kids are all 3 and 4 years old and they are so cute and can be so funny. 
  • They are like little sponges and they learn so easily. 
  • They like to tell you stories about their day/week/last five minutes.

Tonight we let them finish some crowns we started a couple weeks back.  They kept them on for the rest of the night - even through snack time…

120110 (1)120110 (4)

It’s fun to have your 21 year old son helping you, too…

120110 (3)


Kimberley said...

that age is so fun! never know what they'll say/do.

Richard said...

Jacquie, first of all, THANK YOU for ALL you do in the church and for those who make up the church. You are truly an inspiration. Abigail LOVES Cubbies and is always talking about it. She
called lastnight to say she won the Bible Trivia game. One would have thought she won the Nobel Prize (which may await in the future) ;0)
With Ab's, you NEVER know what she will say or do! One thing is certain; If she's thinkin it, you're gonna hear it!!

Kelley said...

OH, I love Cubbies! I am so glad MK is in it this year. It is such a blessing for both of us!