Tuesday, November 30, 2010

212–Chef Tyler and Feet Pajamas

I went from work to the gym tonight and when I got home Tyler was just about to take supper out of the oven.  He put together a chicken casserole with cream of mushroom soup, Rotel, and cheese with egg noodles. It was good! HOT, but good!  It was nice to have supper ready when I got home, too!


My sister Kristin (#11) texted me this photo today…

113010 (2)

One of the things I’m remembered by in my family is my “feet pajamas”.  When I was in the 4th grade, I got a pair of red feet pajamas for Christmas.  I LOVED them and wore them faithfully from 4th grade until I was 19 years old.  They still fit (width-wise) after all those years, but were stretched lengthwise so much so that I had them held together with safety pins at the knees.  I finally burned them just before I got married (I thought Dave might not appreciate them as much as I did)… but seriously, I wish I hadn’t burned them.

Jodi actually bought me a pair several years ago for Christmas.  I hadn’t seen any in stores, but from the looks of it… they’re making a comeback!!


The Garners said...

Wow, does Tyler deliver meals out-of-town!? :)

Those PJs are FUNNY, especially the part about Dave not liking them as much as you did! ha ha! You watched Big Brother last season didn't you...remember that guy in the footed PJs, I think his name was Matthew!? Lane and I always laughed about him wearing those on national TV!

Susie said...

Girl, I use to have a pair of those too!

How nice that Tyler fixed dinner for you. Sounds good.

Kimberley said...

that is so funny! i'm still trying to put jacob in them, but since he's potty trained, he's not so sure he likes them. he gets completely naked to go to the bathroom. LOL but i still love how he looks in them! and of course, levi is in them too!

oh, and that dinner looks yummy!

Kayla said...

man, that dinner looks delish!! love the pjs! i'd so wear them!

His Doorkeeper said...

Tyler, my kitchen could use you anytime!!

I love those footed PJs except it is so cold when you have to get up at night to go to the little house outback and take them half off to pee! Did I say that?

Kelley said...

How neat is that, that they have those pjs out again.