Thursday, November 25, 2010

207–Thanksgiving 2010

The weather turned COLD and rainy here and it actually feels like winter and time for the holidays now.  We spent the morning at home not too far from the wood stove.  Tyler went to Daisy’s family’s house for lunch and David and I went to my folks’ house late in the afternoon.  (My family does Thanksgiving supper.)

We had a house full, but there were several families missing. 

Sophia is getting so big…

112510 (6)

Two nieces – Sophia (13 months) and Courtney (18)

We do a lot of sitting around and chatting…

112510 (3)

Tyler didn’t want me getting the camera out. (Haha – you can see my reflection in the glass doors.)

And I was never so happy to see this girl – we hadn’t seen her since Sunday…

112510 (7)

Mads and David were having some serious pretend time with the phones.

112510 (10)

Sporting her pink slippers with her houndstooth dress.  Adorable.

This was the first time ever that I didn’t have both of my children home for Thanksgiving.  I was happy to know that Kale and Kayla were celebrating the holiday with neighbors, but I sure am missing them.  Knowing they are happy and loving their new life is soothing to me or this distance thing would be so so hard.  Still, I am looking forward to being together at Christmas – Lord willing.


Kelley said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope you all can be together for Christmas!

Susie said...

That Sophia is growing. She is so cute!

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

Dorothy said...

Glad you had a good day, Jacquie! Sophia is so cute! Our extended family has gotten so large, there's always someone missing. Have a great weekend!

Kayla said...

aw, i missed being there this year. such a beautiful family! :)

maddie is just precious. love that little dress....and of course, the slippers!

The Garners said...

Oh my--M in those fuzzy slippers!! CUTE CUTE!

The Branches said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving and you have got some beautiful nieces! I know how hard it is to live apart and it totally STINKS! I can't wait to go home to AR for Christmas either and it's going to be EXTRA hard for you when you get grandbabies in the picture!!! Just know they are missing you as much as you are missing them :) Much love, Becky