Sunday, November 14, 2010

196–A Fun Weekend

We had another beautiful morning with both fog and frost greeting me when I took the dogs out.

111410 (7)

It’s been mostly us girls this weekend while David and Tyler have been in the deer woods.  They spent the last two nights camping at the cabin, but  Tyler made it in just in time for church this morning.  Maddie was so happy to see him walk in the door as we were about to leave for Sunday School.  After church and lunch, the three of us did a little shopping and then Maddie came home with me for a nap while Tyler and Daisy took care of some stuff.  We ALL ended up sleeping - draped across all the living room furniture. Ha!

111410 (4)

Maddie – showing Kayla the new stockings we got for her and Daisy

111410 (2)

I don’t think they come any cuter!!

Mads and Tyler are pretty good buds… I LOVE these moments I caught today…

111410 (13)111410 (8)111410 (10)111410 (12)

Maddie helping Tyler with some TV connections… too cute!


Daisy said...

ok.... i was looking at the pics and i got a little teary! those are so precious with her and tyler.. i am absolutely in love with their bond =) makes me a happy mama!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Jacquie...that little Maddie is absolutely precious! I love all your pics of her. I can tell she is such a bright spot in your lives. ;)


It looks like Maddie keeps you pretty busy :-)


The Garners said...

It was fun to get to see Maddie in the nursery yesterday after reading about her on your blog! What a cutie!

Kelley said...

What a little doll and good helper Maddie is!